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2010 - 2015

From The Swiss Alps to the Southern Alps

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Trusting peoples,

human beings and life

In the heart of the elements, in the freedom of wild spaces, we cycle to discover the world

Listening to our heart and our intuitions

On a spiral of several thousands kilometers, we are cycling through Siberia, Mongolia, the island of Hokkaido in Japan, Alaska, Canada and Northern Europe

Respect for the Planet

A journey that combines the crossing of wild and virgin land in complete autonomy and discovering new cultures.

A Simple Life




Children of the World

more than 70'000 km

Two daughter on the raod

Nomads, we are in connection with the Earth, we are connected to our inner self. As little cocoon, our bubble of four moves through the world, according to our inspiration, in the wonder of discovery, in the meeting of women and men in their sublime humanity. In the universe of all possibilities, we are nomads navigating In the Lights of Alterity.

In the heart of the elements, in the freedom, in the wild landscapes, in the infinite unity, our bikes take us here and now.

A Nomadic Life

Where Every Day

is a Begining