nomads, writer, speaker, photographer


Mongolia, you surprised us, shake us, froze us, pushed us to both extremes, and touched us. You managed to make us change our plans, all our plans, driving us on sideways that today seems to be so right but so intense.

On your land, every movement took time, energy, strength and willingness. Here more than anywhere else, life was pure action, even in the relationships. The actions revealed the close tie that your people still hold preciously, the bond with Gengis Khan time.

Bringing survival in the centre of the relationships between men and women, hospitality was the heart of your nomadic world, but it is freed from social talk, leaving it bare without communication, without curiosity. It became the welcome, the heat from the stove and the powerful taste of the mutton and goat meat that grazed on your land. It was hearty from the intimacy and the peaceful look of your people. A look that contemplated your landscapes, for a long time. A look that contemplated your most precious jewel, your vast land.

Your gigantic territories, that became alive with each sunray, are so powerful.