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The Tranquil Force Of China

The soul of China echoes on its large territory, in a vastness we can feel inside. A magnitude that seems to suggest the features of a gigantic force. A strength, we can only imagine at first, but that is getting stronger and stronger along the way and through the people we meet, until it reaches its full dimension. A still power, related to a slowness and a flexibility, a strength that takes its roots in a deep motion, a slow movement, we can picture as a enormous wave that would submerge the coast shore. The round force of life, the wave energy that travels further, beyond the dam and through all fences, overcoming any stiffness by its flexibility. A tranquil force but a strength that surprises everyone. A power, which knows how to infiltrate, how to seduce, how to convince through fascination, beyond its territory to every remote part of the world.

A work power, a long and unbearable noise, taking its time but never having a pause, as the picture of the small trucks crossing the villages, carrying endlessly a few bricks, that will eventually end up building the gigantic new cities with unbelievable futurists skyscrapers. And at the same time, opening the vision on a widening gap, contrasting with this domesticated nature that seems to be lost, forgotten somewhere under the vast pile of rubbish. The strength of millions of human beings, a crowd that never complains, nourishing the thousands mechanisms of this enormous power. A crowd made of people who seems to loose their personalities among others, who seems so unified as if they were one, melting under the social structure. A crowd, happy of the economical prosperity of its country, beyond the social disparities and state power. Realised to envision a security that seemed so fragile and risky, now that the State doesn’t consider it as a necessity.

However, its face is delicate, having an unforgettable curiosity for others, often with an enquiring glance, eager to discover other cultures and people. A warm-hearted welcome rooted in a deep respect, an honest respect. Ready to bring its help at anytime. A face, which hold the features of the philosophies that were born on this land. An unforgettable link to the ancestors, where the families’ temples and genealogic trees are the pride of their members, a link of powerful respect that spread from generations to generations. A sacred place, that only under great honour you will have the chance to discover. A place, which represents the roots of China and the respect of ancestors according to the Confucianism.