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JAPAN - 2012

Mysterious Japan

Japan is a mystery, a refine culture created in the respect of rules and conventions, in the respect of others, but also in a tradition inherited over centuries and in a period of seclusion from the world. The Sunrise Empire vibrates with the pulsation of a common past, a past that brings the society together, keeping the people in community and members. Members which melt in the norm of the collectively, feeling naked without it. The respect of the identity and the social norms become the rule, leaving behind part of the individuality and creativity, leaving from time to time any spontaneity, or the opportunity to meet others, and to share in a communication that escapes the main thought path.

As we kept on cycling through its land, it seemed Japan was fleeing from us; it seemed to stay beyond your reach as if we couldn’t touch its soul. We had to wait until Kyoto to realise the radiance of the elements that were already part of our route. As if, it was the contrasts of the city brought them into light.