From the swiss Alps to the Southern Alps

5 years, 50'000 km and Nayla's birth

In connection with what we have written in the book, we have chosen to propose a new way of exchanging. Our book is for sale, and you can download it via the standard order on Paypal or on the Amazon site.

Here we offer you a third option. You can download our book, read it entirely or in part. Then we accept the donations. The idea is to give what you think is right. A fairness between you and us, which is no longer established on the commercial system but on the laws of the universe.

If the way we write and our nomadic life touch you, inspire you, resonate in you, you can choose the amount you want to offer.

"To accept abundance is to give ourself the right to create it, to let in without any limits what life is ready to offer us"

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