From the swiss Alps to the Southern Alps

5 years, 50'000 km and Nayla's birth

We  just cycled through New Zealand. We spent 3 months in breathtaking landscapes on the wild land of the South Island. This last loop in the power of nature completes our initial project.

From the Swiss Alps to the Southern Alps in 5 years, 50'000 km and Nayla's birth.

Along the road, we see a part of what we call Reality and Life. In fact, our past, the people we meet, who we are and our subjectivity influence the world we are contemplating. It represents our Truth. A truth that we don’t pretend to be universal, but that is modestly our feelings on this journey. A way to witness what we experience.

380 pages

30 illustrated pages, 110 photos

Format A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)

ISBN :  978-2-8399-1771-1


Publisher: self-publish

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ISBN :  978-2-8399-2133-6

(Version illustrated, French)

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