A thought transforming into a project

A project becoming reality

A reality reflecting our truth

A truth guiding us.


Switzerland - New-Zealand 2010 - 2015

The route, drawn with a pencil only with the echo of the country names, has changed. It is expended, shifted. It was transformed by the signs that guided us, the synchornicities and the encounters. The limited time reassuring us disappeared, the distances impressing us became tiny. And somehow, the path was mysteriously revealed... in the heart of Infinity. Nomads of the lights from beyond “les Lumières d'Ailleurs”, the symbol of infinity, that traces our journey, encircles the sacred acmes of the Altai and the mystic mountains of the Himalayas.

In the heart of this infinity, bound to our path, our daughter was born. In this perpetual movement, she blossoms in the tenderness that unites us and in the magic of “les Lumières d'Ailleurs”. Experimenting worlds that changes daily, she engages in multiple discoveries driven by a powerful life force.

Nomads on the way...

Starting a fabulous escapade to reach New Zealand as a couple, time expanded. Spaces pulsate sometimes within tiny dimensions, sometimes they are gigantic, and the itinerary changes through our inner transformation.

From an adventure to discover diverse cultures, it became a way of living, a way of being. Being nomads on bikes. And in the celebration of this life, we welcomed our daughter, Nayla, born in Malaysia, in the heart of this initiation.

Photographer and Anthropologist, we share some fleeting moments of our nomadic life as a family with picture and texts that composes “les Lumières d'Ailleurs”.

The path - Symbole of infinity

Nomads, in perpetual movement we connect with the Earth. After 4 years on the way, following our intuition, our path revealed mysteriously the symbol of infinity. Two loops of more than 15'000 km each, by bike, around the sacred mountains of the Altai and the Himalayas. Two magical and powerful places, that are united in the heart of our truth, by a route linking hostile lands to the agitation of the crowd, a movement made of loneliness and human vortex, a way among the powerful unicity and the disconcerting duality. A door opening on our infinity.

Nomadic Life

A nomadic life is the constant modification of our landmarks, days that never look alike, nights illuminated by the moonlight and the twinkling stars or hosted by the warm welcome of the locals. Meeting Others and listening to the world, we breathe at the pace of life. A beat that leads us to the vital necessities, to the essential, in the simplicity of a home that we carry on our bikes.

A powerful energy of freedom embrace us. It takes us in the heart of the elements, to experiment their strength. In the vast sand deserts, in the ethereal air of the high altitude, in the gigantic spaces of the steppes, in the cold of the far north, in the humidity of the tropics.

The reality of the way is sometimes delicate, at time shattering. However it shows us a trust in the magic of life, in the opening of the heart. Sometimes it is crude in the manifestation of what we express, seeking to restore a balance and harmony. Through us, appears the reality, our reality created by our inner lights and shadows, within the play of energy emanating from each country. Then it is our choice to let our inner wisdom guiding us.

From the Swiss Alps to the Southern Alps

5 years, 50,000 km and Nayla's birth