The Great Northern Horizon

Nomadic Life by bike

Nomads, in perpetual movement we connect with the Earth, we connect with ourselves. As a small cocoon, our family bubble move through the world, following our inspirations, in the wonder of discoveries and in sharings that bring us to meet human beings in their sumptuous humanity.  

In the universe of all possibilities, we are infinite nomads navigating in the Lights from Beyond “les Lumières d'Ailleurs”. Act of faith in life, we create the simplicity of our living in tenderness and abundance. Beyond the cultures, beyond the panoramas, it is a path of initiation, a way to our inner self. In the middle of the elements, in the freedom of spaces, in the infinite unity, our bikes take us here and now.


The Great Northern Horizon

Nomads in perpetual movement

Children of the world

4 - 6 brochures every years - in french

In each brochure, we will relate the encounter of a child, his family, his hobbies, his culture and his country.

An original way to discover the world.

Free for everyone; children, parents, teacher ...

Wilderness calls us

On a spiral of several thousands kilometres, we will cycle through Siberia, Mongolia, the island of Hokkaido in Japan, Alaska, Canada and Northern Europe

In the heart of the elements, in the freedom of space, we will take our bikes to discover the world:

3 to 5 years, family life by bike.

Meeting people and cultures.

This new route, in autonomy, and in the discovery of new cultures, will be guided by our intuitions.

You can follow us on this website and in French on www.cooperation.ch/lumieres