anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach

JAPAN - 2016


An Eternal Fall In Japan

The ephemeral scenery of fall has been a symphony that took us from one end of Japan to the other, from islands to islands. It is as if, in each region, we reached the height of its splendour. The warm colours of the leaves illuminated our path and warmed our bodies as the nights continued to lengthen. This sight made us enter the heart of a world of harmony and finesse, symbol of Japanese culture.

Along the Biwa Lake, we choose the small roads, those which cross the countryside and pass in front of the Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. The bright orange persimmons and the yellow yuzu brightened the small alleys with beautiful traditional houses.

From one island to the others, In the heart of the forest

We are amazed by the forests that extend all over the country, in one of the most wooded countries in the world. They are the link between all the islands that compose Japan. It is an intense green, an impenetrable world that unfolds beyond the gaze on mountains and valleys.

At dusk, the traditional lanterns light up, like guides on the wayhe night brings its magic.

Some temples make it vibrate. A majestic beauty emerges from these places in a timeless world. Under the shine of the stares, we feel the vibration of Buddhist temples and Sinto shrines. One explain the link between life an death, the other celebrates life in the sacredness of nature..


In Kyoto, trees showed their finest fall colours. The tint are fantastic, especially the maples leaves and their bright red. The zen gardens of the temples are illuminated with flamboyant colours, in unique and fabulous creations. Next to the sacred monuments, an alchemy appears. It gives us an energy of fire and light. A dance to life and its beauty, a radiating joy.

Yet the crowd suffocates us. The sacredness of the sanctuaries fades with the hundreds of people who came to visit them. Their vibrations are annihilated. We feel overwhelmed by the all energies that shake us. We can perceive the weight of human density. Then carried by a breeze, we continue our way, accompanied by the twirling leaves with autumn hue.

The Essence Of Japan

The essence of Japan, its rites, its rules, its forms are intimately linked to every gesture, to every word, to all aspects of life. In this codified universe, whose scope we can not imagine. Here the silences say more than the word. Feeling the situation to take its right place. For us, it will remain enigma. This is the beauty of the journey, the discovery of another way of living in society, in the richness of human diversity.