anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach


Our mind starts to surrender. Our Spirit becomes free

Day after day, the nomadic thought that is deeply connected in every human being arises. We feel embarking in a new way of living, in a new cycle of life where everything becomes possible. Not that it wasn’t before, but simply because now we are aware of it. Because now nothing is planed or scheduled.

We are living each minute in its simplicity without any expectations. One the next curve, all the possibilities are spread out, opening the universe of all opportunities, the time for all sorts of meetings, the space for synchronicity and a life for magic.

Our nomadic life is also living outside in the wild, in the wild of wilderness, in the wild of urban settings. It allows us to feel all the energies. Our senses are developing to the point we can distinguish any sensible changes. Our perceptions are expanding to a new scale, a wider spectrum. Our sensitiveness grows to open us to a new vision of life. We become witnesses of the most spectacular theatre that life represents.

In each country we cross, a new feeling emerges. A new energy imposes itself.

Italy opened its door with a large alley of fruit trees, mostly apple trees. The apples were perfectly shaped, green, red and golden. They looked delicious. This pathway brought us to the foot of these amazing limestone summits, the Dolomites. As we arrived, we were welcomed by violent lightning. The rain never stopped as we crossed one after the other all the passes through the Alps. More than enjoying these beautiful geological features, we imagined them. We dreamt them. We had the chance to see them appearing between the clouds a couple of time, but we mostly had to look at the signs telling us the elevation and the number of each curve. It was like a mantra regulating our pace.

In South Tyrol, a grandmother, opening its property to letting us spend the night, as we drove by, showered by the rain, welcomed us. This brought us a warmed feeling in this cold weather.

As we arrived in the Resia Valley, we suddenly realised we left the universe of evergreen trees to be encircled with trees of all sorts of green, from the deepest to the brightest. And in the bottom of this valley, a small river slowly makes its way. It is so clear we can just imagine a green light that reflected on it. The way out of Italy was a real challenge. We suddenly realised the weight of our bikes, as we climbed five hundreds meter elevation gain on four kilometres.

Cycling to Slovenia was very intense in emotions. As we entered through a small road, we were stupefied to see this unlimited hilly forest. It was stunning for its wild side, and at the same time we felt as if we were oppressed by it. It looks so infinite.

Where are we? The adventurous spirit awake… and tells us that this time we are really making it. The adventure had really started. We can feel the excitement! Moreover because a couple of minutes ago, our tires burst twice…

But behind the adventure we also feel this apprehension… of this never-ending landscape, of all these opportunities, of what we, as a couple, will be able to create, of our ability to let us guide.

Letting us guide through our path to discover the world. At the same time, we came across this river called Soca, the Emerald River. A river that is so turquoise, so deep turquoise that we cannot see the bottom. And every evening, mysteriously, appears a mist above it. Changing the atmosphere, it becomes mystic…

Magic all the time and … powerful in the instance of surrendering .