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anthropologist, photographer, speaker, life coach

May, 2023

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In the heart of the swiss alps

Invited to give some talks in Switzerland, we are back in our homeland. This time is also important for us, to infuse new energy with the teachings we received last year. But more than that, it is the feeling of being called to be near my dad.

We find the fabulous energy of the mountains but also the more hilly areas of the pre-Alps or the plain. We meet the larch forests again. We enjoy the exceptional views that the Alps offer us. The vertical lines, the ridges, the peaks are revealed as far as the eye can see. Sometimes so powerful that when we reach La Lécherette, the view over Château d'Oex and its church instantly brings softness.

From skiing to snowboarding

After exploring the opportunities to ski in Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria or Georgia, we are back on the Swiss slopes. Yet winter never seems to arrive. Even when the « Empaillés » and « Peluches » from Evolène Carnaval were trying to fend off the winter demons, the sky was unfailingly blue. The girls understood the reason for the lack of snow, "the clouds have no more ideas to create new, unique snowflakes". A few weeks later, the clouds are inspired again. The long-awaited white coat has finally arrived. We are on our skis in the middle of a storm, facing brutal winds, freezing temperatures and zero visibility. Yet we celebrate the snow, both for nature's sake and for our own, the pleasure of being in this element. Then we ski for several days in a 60+ cm blanket, floating on this cold, pristine surface. Without poles, the girls ski down these slopes screaming with joy.

Glycerine sport supported us to hit the slopes. And Mirko even offered us the opportunity to snowboard. Nayla wanted to do it so badly. In fact, it was she who asked for it. Nayla and Fibie's thirst for learning, their determination and motivation are impressive! And above all their incredible coordination and balance! By living in nature, they have developed an amazing relationship with their bodies! In two days, Nayla and Fibie are turning on both sides. On the third day, Nayla was going down all the slopes, from the easiest to the hardest.

Picnics in the heart of the Alps are also a special time. Facing the summits and the white ridges, we prepare a small cheese fondue at an altitude of almost 2'500m. The view is incredible. Then two bearded vultures appeared. They hovered in the thermals, revealing their gigantic wingspan. Only a few flaps take them to the heights, one more flap and the vultures disappeared as quickly as they appeared. This mythical bird of prey, the largest bird in the Alps, has honoured us with its presence.