February, 2023

Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes

Why do our dreams slip away when we become parents ?

Keep travelling while you don't have children!

Enjoy it because your daughter isn't walking yet!

It will be over when you have the second one.

There are always thousands of reasons why other people's projections impose themselves on us. At what point do we choose that we can no longer honour what vibrate within us? At what point do we enter the path of sacrificing for others? At what point do we mould ourselves into the line of what is asked of us, at the collective level, at the family level? And yet when we choose to forget our inner world, when we decide that our needs come second to everyone else's, we slowly empty ourselves. Our source of life and love dries up. We can only offer the empty reservoir within us to others.

Our dreams do not need to be achieved, they need to be dreamed. Our aspirations need to be heard. Our intuitions need to be honoured. The creative energy within us is an invitation to transform ourselves, to reinvent ourselves, to fully unfold who we are. Of course, children need their parents to build themselves. The strong bond with the child's attachment figure will allow him or her to nurture his or her inner security for the years to come. It is not about that. It's not about dropping everything to live your dreams. It is a subtle balance. Following the impulse of spontaneity is about giving yourself the freedom to be, beyond what is assigned to you or the roles you take on. It is to choose your own path, to honour your way. It is not a struggle against the other, but a gentle gift to yourself. In this way you can fully welcome the source of life that springs up within you, you will not only be filled, but overflow with love, and thus offer another presence to your kind. A full presence. A presence that transforms because life is never static. A presence that listens to your inner world as much as to the other. A true presence.