November, 2019

Reading time: 8 minutes

Hearing My Child's Whispers

And if it was possible to really communicate with your baby?

The more we learn to listen and hear our daughters, the more we discover the profound wisdom of babies. Nayla and Fibie show us how receptive they are to everything around them, including what is not being said. They perceive our emotions and the universe around them with a heart that is wide open to the invisible. We have decided to give them our trust and to hear what they whisper us so that we can support them.  

But how do you communicate with your baby inside your womb, with your infant who doesn't speak yet or your child who has difficulty putting words on his or her emotions?   What if it was possible to enter in connection with the heart of your child and hear what he or she has to say?

This is how we discovered this method, this way of relating. It exists in French under the name of "la parole du Bébé" by Brigitte Denis or "la communication connectée" by Hélène Gérin and Frédéric Laloux, which we have adapted to who we are. Using the arm test of Applied Kinesiology, it is possible to enter in connection with our child's "inner wisdom", the wisdom of his body or soul. By connecting with him or her, we can thus create an interaction and understanding about his or her physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs and provide a genuine guidance to our child. We then blossom into a fully active relationship, where the child opens the door to his or her inner world.  

The discomforts of pregnancy then change meaning. They are no longer just consequences of the woman's changing body, or of her transformation as a mother, but they can also be messages from the fetus. Crying is no longer just a bodily need to be satisfied, but a range of requests, questions, emotions and expressed needs to be welcomed.  

Together, We Find the Balance

When Nayla is 6 weeks old, she doesn't stop suckling. She asks for the breast constantly, for an hour. Wishing to offer breastfeeding on demand, I am continuously breastfeeding. I don't know who to believe anymore, I don't know how to position myself, feeling my balance breaking and the uncertainties tying up my throat. "I won't make it"...

With the help of a midwife and friend, Dominique Oppeel, applied kinesiology, intuition and telepathy, we enter into communication with our daughter Nayla. "Suddenly, a wave of emotion rises up in me. I've become a mother, and I'm anxious about being a bad mother. Nayla perceives it and chooses to help me: "I show you by all means how you take perfect care of me. By sucking continuously, I show you that you know how to take care of me."

But the more Nayla suckles, the more I get into my fears. It was enough to express aloud this infinite circle that we feed each of us on our side, for everything to lighten. That same night, Nayla sleeps without waking up, the next day she only suckles for 20 minutes, and every two hours!

What if the crying could also say, "I love you" or "Thank you"

During these first months of life, we were amazed by the number of times the crying stopped the instant we heard the message Nayla or Fibie wanted to express. For us, it was the first time that our intuitions were confirmed so quickly in time. There was no doubt that we understood and communicated with our daughters. The most magical moment is when her crying expresses a positive feeling.

When by intense crying, I could hear our daughter whispering "I love you" or "thank you". I was overwhelmed, moved. With tears in my eyes, I thanked them for being able to hear their message. And at that very moment, the crying would stop.

It's so wonderful to be able to hear from your baby that he thanks us or loves us when, under the appearance of crying, we could have missed those moments. Or even worse, we could have asked him or her to stop, to be quiet, despite the power of his or her words...  

Nayla and Fibie show us at all levels their intuition, their understanding of what is happening in and around them. Every day, they reveal their deep wisdom to us